100% Chardonnay • 13% Vol • Burgundy • Appellation Chablis Premier Cru

'For all its fame, Chablis is one of the wine world's most undervalued treasures. Chardonnay responds to the region's cold terroir with flavours no-one can reproduce' - Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson's World of Wine

Domaine Tremblay is a very well respected domaine covering 37 hectares of the 4 AOC Chablis regions (Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru and Chablis Grand Cru). Always at the cutting edge, Gérard Tremblay places great importance on the quality of the wines, which have characteristic aromas of white floral notes, roses and acacia honey, and are full-bodied and intense in the mouth as they are to the nose. They age very well. 

Says David Havlik , Head Sommelier Gauthier Soho  - "One of the wines I was saving for a special pairing at Gauthier, this is a more prestigious offering that would never make it to our wine shop under normal circumstances but as it stands I am able to bring a small limited quantity of this incredible example of typical Premier Cru from Chablis.
2018 was a very fortunate year in Chablis after two disastrous vintages of weather complications, we were lucky to see a plentiful harvest after a long, warm and dry growing season. Cote de Lechet is located on the western side of the Serein river with a south-eastern exposure which helps to bring ripeness in fruit while maintaining the typical freshness Chablis is famous for.

The touch of oak typically present in a Premier Cru brings more structure and roundness than a village Chablis and assures longevity. While now the wine brings wonderful tension and a well-defined green, citrus and even orchard fruit, within a few years it will open up to a complex spectrum of more developed flavours and aromas.
Wine like this on its own can offer a window to a different time and place on a special occasion which we all need right now but also an unique experience of seeing the development that a Premier Cru Chablis goes through over the years under the right storing conditions. I am happily going to keep a few bottles in my cellar to open steadily within the next 10 years and I invite you to do the same.

As for food matches - most fish, seafood or really fresh, seasonal vegetable dishes would be enhanced by a bottle of Chablis. Our diners were supposed to enjoy this wine with our delicious Black Halibut, Grapefruit, Leek & Endives, Citrus Fish Velouté but a more casual pasta with creamy sauce would work just as well." - David Havlik, Head Sommelier, Gauthier Soho

Listed in some of the best restaurants in London & the UK, notably The Dorchester Collection's Michelin-starred Coworth Park in Ascot where you will pay £90.00 for this bottle.

Gauthier Wines can offer you today for £28.77.


6x Chablis Premier Cru Domaine Tremblay Côte de Lechet 2018

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