13.5% • 100% Carignan • IGP Pays d'Hérault


With the falling of leaves there is something about Carignan (pron. Car-In-Yon) that seems to work perfectly. Maybe it’s the fresh cool moisture in the air, the anticipation of winter?

Carginan is an old vine grape, originally Mediterranean but popular now globally, especially in California. Difficult to harvest mechanically, it’s now largely surpassed by the more obvious Merlot, which is much more commercial.

For this reason, carignan remains an envied grape only for specialists and small producers who can manage its delicate needs.

Says sommelier David Havlik: Carignan is one the most under-appreciated grape varietes and we are delighted to be the only ones in the UK to bring a rare single varietal bottling from one of our favourite independant vignerons in Languedoc, Jean-Yves Chaperon.
In an estate surrounding Mount Saint-Baudile Domaine Les Chemins de Carabote (which you might know from our past offerings) produces a wine that shows pure expression of a grape variety that is commonly used in blends but not very often alone. What a shame!

Carignan might be known as a rustic wine but if you dare to experience this one, it will reward you with a beautiful bouquet of fresh blackberries, hint of spice and coffee and full yet smooth texture. Red wine delicious on its own but easily able to handle most of autumnal dishes. Both vegans and meat-eaters would find this wine perfectly accompanies roasts, root vegetables and if you feel fancy, little bit of truffles.

Organic certified and vegan-friendly.




6x Les Chemins de Carabote Carignan 2018

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