£88.00 £120.00

Cot (Malbec), Gamay, Pinot Noir

Important: This is the first time this wine has been imported to the UK.

Importing directly from the vineyard, we are delighted to have secured the remaining stock of this excellent light red wine, from the tiny and almost unknown outside industry circles winewaker Domaine André Fouassier in the Eastern Loire.

A short drive from both Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé, and sharing similar terrior characteristics, Domaine André Fouassier has proved somewhat of an underground hit with some of the best restaurant wine lists in Paris, no mean feat with some of the most snobbish and critical sommeliers in the world! (we are French, and even we say this).

Valençay is obviously well known for its famous cheese, that four-sided pyramidal goat cheese that's so easily recognised in a board. It comes as no surprise that the area can produce wines equally as distinctive.

The rouge Vielles Vignes (old Vines) 2018 is a medium bodied light red ideal for the summer, which can even be drunk chilled. Extremely smooth, juicy, with black ripe fruits. 

Alexis says: "This red wine is just perfect with a crumbly goat cheese which has been marinated in plenty of garlic, fresh thyme and rosemary and served on a toasted slice of sourdough bread. Just like when I was a child in Avignon!"

Domaine André Fouassier is unavailable anywhere else in the UK, and due to the tiny production will almost certainly never find its way to the shelves of any supermarket. It is a wine for good restaurants and specialist suppliers, so this is a bit of a coup to get it, to be honest.

We can offer 6x Domaine André Fouassier for £88, a big drop from the £120 we are recommended to sell for.




6x Valençay Rouge Vielles Vignes AOP Domaine André Fouassier 2019
£88.00 £120.00

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