Nicolas Vallon - Head Wine Buyer & Shop Manager

A well-known face in London's restaurant and hotel scene, Nicolas first met Alexis while working for Marks Club, under the umbrella of Caprice Holdings. Nicolas has experience from Marylebone Hotel Group and Balthazar. Nicolas is 


Pierrick Chapel - Sommelier

Pierrick brings his day-to-day restaurant wine knowledge directly to the Gauthier Wines shop. His natural ability to select amazing value bottles for the restaurant has been instrumental in the success at Gauthier Wines.

Marco Veronesi - Sommelier 

A hugely well-known face at Gauthier Soho, Marco is always here to lend a hand with choosing wines, planning purchase 

James Lewis - Director, Marketing & Club Membership Secretary

James Lewis has been working with Alexis Gauthier for more than 10 years, and was behind Gauthier Wines since its inception. James is in charge of all promotional material and communication, as well as looking after the wine club membership.

Alexis Gauthier - Director

Alexis has always wanted to create a wine shop which fundamentally offered his customers those 'magic' restaurant wines which appeared to him to be kept hidden from the retail market. "Restaurants are not stupid. They buy wines which are reliable, because their customers will be drinking them right there and then, so they can't take risks. I want to offer these wines to my customers at home, too."