We'll do our best to answer all your F.A.Qs on this page, but If you have any questions about Gauthier Wines not covered here, please email info@gauthierwines.co.uk and we'll be happy to help.

What's different about Gauthier Wines?

Gauthier Wines offers a new and transparent way to buy restaurant wines, the wines chosen by restaurant sommeliers for their own wine lists. Sommeliers work very hard to find wines that are high quality, exclusive or unique, as their names and reputations depend on it.

Gauthier Wines is the first to bring these restaurant wines into your home.

Why are restaurant wines rarely found at retail?

Lots of really good wine producers actually refuse to sell to the supermarkets and large wine merchants. Big retailers can be a double-edged sword - sure, they buy huge quantities, but they are ruthless in discounting, and can really damage a brand by cheap half-price offers and short-term over-saturation.

Producers who really love what they make prefer to supply restaurants as they know the wines will be sold and enjoyed at a good price and in the best environment. They like to cultivate a long-term relationship with a sommelier or restaurateur, as it works for both parties over longer periods.


How does Gauthier Wines choose these wines?

A lot of hard work! No really, it's very simple. Restaurant wine lists are available to everyone. Gauthier Wines just pays attention to what's happening, listens to the market and chooses the most popular and best value bottles being offered to top restaurants and sommeliers by suppliers and producers each week.

How do I make sure I don't miss any offers?

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Thanks, that really is quite simple!

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