Pre-order your Christmas Faux Gras now! This item is freshly made and will be delivered mid-December 2021. Strictly limited and always sells out, buy now to secure your order.
  • 1x 'Classic Soho - 130g 
  • 1x 'Vintage Port - 130g
  • 1x 'Black Truffle' - 130g
  • 1x matched wine - Domaine de l'Ancienne Cure 'Jour de Fruit' Monbazillac - 37.5cl

Available to purchase exclusively via this website only, Alexis Gauthier's famous 'faux gras' - the plant-based terrine which caused an international sensation when it was first showcased in conjunction with PETA.

Six million youtube views and international coverage was for what? A super tasty terrine made from lentils, mushrooms, walnuts and herbs, simulating the notes and aromas that a Perigord duck may have slowly feasted on? Well yes that, but equally the fact that a Michelin-starred chef thought it both necessary and valid to create such a thing.

In a world of environmental uncertainty, and global shift towards a compassionate relationship with animals, there has never been a more perfect product to recreate as plant-based.

Delivery: we are planning to send the boxes mid December 2021 for Christmas.

This is a fresh product and has a shelf life of 10 days, if kept refrigerated.

Please order quickly as stock is strictly limited and this will sell out. Free delivery nationwide.





Gauthier Soho 'Faux Gras' Terrine - 3 pack with matched wine

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