100% Merlot • 14%Vol • Pays D'Oc

Pronounced 'Casablanca', a classic country wine direct from the Pays D’Oc in Eastern Languedoc, this easy drinking Merlot demonstrates the quality of the ‘association producers’ this area is so famous for. From the tiny collection of villages just east of Sommières, between Montpelier and Nimes, this wine has proven a hit with our sommeliers as an absolute bargain, standing side by side with ‘named’ Merlots for twice the price. 

The quality of the terrain and reliably hot summers in Eastern Languedoc means small grape collectives can be relied upon much more than in other parts of France, and thus Languedoc ‘country wines’ are a serious proposition.

An excellent choice to buy for the cellar, this wine will provide a staple ‘go-to’ red which still carries enough punch for more special occasions.

At Gauthier Soho we’re serving Caze Blanque at lunch with the Barbary Duck, Kale Patchwork & Berries Golden Turnips & Crushed Swede Cocoa & Almond Crust & Duck jus.

Delicious, with intense cherry, red fruit & berries, a medium full bodied red with hints of oak.

6x Caze Blanque Pays D'Oc Languedoc Merlot 2019

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