90% Merlot • 20% Cabernet Franc Vol • Appellation Lalande de Pomerol Controlee • 13.5% Vol • Terrior: Sablo-Graveleux

A fabulous opportunity to purchase some serious Bordeaux for your collection with the anticipation of improvement over time. We're buying this very wine right now for this reason. Join our sommelier and buy as we buy!

Pomerol is home to such legendary names in winemaking as Chateau Pétrus and Le Pin. Small growers, decentralised. For merlot lovers, it really doesn't get any better. 

Says Gauthier Sommelier David Havik: “As the name would suggest Lalande de Pomerol lies nearby the famous vineyards of the commune of Pomerol and the wines certainly evoke a similar feeling but a fraction of their cost. The Chevalier family has been making wine in the region since 1850 and cuvée 'L'Etoile de Viaud' is their second label which is Vegan-certified and carries the typical character of the wines from the region.
In its youth the wine offers a red fruit aroma and restrained character you often find in a youthful right bank Bordeaux but this wine will offer a patient wine lover and we suggest letting it breath for at least one hour before serving to open up the full bouquet with its slightly smoky and savoury elements with a touch of herbal character.

Decanting will also soften up the structure of the wine that can already tell you about the longevity of this wine. Although enjoyable in its youth the wine will be showing its best in about five years when the balance of youthful flavours and structural components will reach the ideal point.
As Bordeaux is often paired with meat it is not an often suggested matching for our plant-based cuisine but because of the gentle wine-making approach it can very well suit vegetable-based dishes as well. We are certainly excited about enjoying this wine with some of our upcoming dishes in the next week's boxes such as (Tomato Farcies, Red Wine Braising Jus & Garlic Brown Rice) or (Kind Shepherd's Pie, Carrot, Onion, Celery).”


Since 1936, the planting of white wine grapes has been strictly prohibited in Pomerol, such is the seriousness of its dedication to red wines, with concentration on merlot, supported by others such as cabernet franc.

6x Chateau l'Etoile de Viaud Lalande de Pomerol Grand Vin de Bordeaux 2019

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